Our product portfolio includes bearings and rolling elements – balls being next to cylindrical and needle rollers one of the most common rolling elements, with a diameter ranging from 0,4 mm to 250 mm in grades G5, G10, 16, G20, G28, G40, G80, G100 and G200 conform to DIN 5401/ ISO 3290. Grades G5 to G28 are available up to different maximal diameter ranges only. The balls are sorted into sorts within a grade and their tolerances depend on both the grade and the diameter.


We can supply balls in a variety of different materials including:

  • Chrome steel – 1.3505/ AISI52100/ 100Cr6

  • Stainless steel (hardened/ unhardened) – 1.4034/ AISI420C; 1.4310/ AISI302; 1.4301/ AISI304; 1.4401/ AISI316

  • Carbon steel (hardened/ case hardened) – 1.0503/ AISI1045; 1.0401/ AISI1015; 1.0010/ AISI1010

Ceramic-material and other materials on request.

Application examples for balls

This type of rolling elements can be used whenever medium to high speeds and medium to high axial and radial forces occur. This includes application areas such as:

  • Automotive industry

  • Conveyor technology

  • Hydraulic systems/ pneumatic systems

  • Linear technology

  • Machine engineering

  • Bearing industry